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Array Representation 01

This representation of array shows how the memory blocks are allocated to the array. Value is not assigned to the memory blocks, though.

Array Representation

Source Code

class ArrayRepresentation {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // First the level of the array is pre-defined, and initial indearray of the
        // array is mentioned in assignation.
        int[][][] array = new int[2][][];

        // First Level
        array[0] = new int[3][];
        array[1] = new int[2][];

        // Second Level
        array[0][0] = new int[1];
        array[0][1] = new int[2];
        array[0][2] = new int[3];

        array[1][0] = new int[2];
        array[1][1] = new int[2];

        // In this way, the memory blocks are allocated and no memory leakage happens
        // here.